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We would like to introduce our new SECURITY-CHAPERONING SERVICE, the professional and dependable alternative in the chaperoning field (please see also under the area of company philosophy).

We offer trained and reliable chaperon persons for all private and business occasions.

Unfortunately in this sector as well, there are also a large number of questionable providers. Most of these so-called agencies are advertised in the daily newspaper under very extravagant “fantasy names.” They are often listed only with cellular phone numbers and without a legitimate company name or proprietor. What type of services they offer, we would rather not discuss. The Internet providers often have the same indications that allow the customers to recognize the illegitimacy. The opposite of professional security services, there are no comparable legal requirements as well as the personnel used in the area of chaperon agencies.
As one can read, the most important requirements of these questionable agencies are “physical looks and openness.” With no question about it, the SCHERER-SECURITY company keeps its distance from these types of providers.

The fact that we portray a good image and professional work is our guarantee of respectable services provided. (Please see under references for our list of satisfied customers).

At SCHERER-SECURITY, our customers have the possibility to request a reliable chaperon for all occasions.

Chaperoned by our specially trained personnel, our clients will enjoy the wished for, positive course, on every occasion and with no risks involved. Our motto is: “With safety is always more fun.”

Whether it’s fear, boredom, not wanting to drive yourself, having a discreet conversational partner, or whatever other reason, we are here for you!

With a well-groomed image and an extensive educational background, etc., the chaperon is understood to be an approved Team member of the SCHERER-SECURITY.

Our chaperon services include:
All private occasions such as: theatre, operas, concerts, museums, galleries, special events, days off from work , cinema, disco, restaurants, parties, sport activities, vacations, weekend trips (which can also be organized by us), individual guest relations also in vacation areas, etc.

Business related chaperon services include:
Trade shows, meetings, Congress, conventions, events, business meetings, visiting foreign countries, etc.

We’re looking forward to meeting with you!

Inhaber: Jürgen Scherer, Polizeibeamter a.D.   Schwarzwaldstraße 1
D-78136 Schonach - Germany

Tel.: + 49 (0) 7722-91 68 25   Fax: + 49 (0) 7722-91 68 26   Mobil: + 49 (0) 172-627 57 24