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 Police Office Karl Scherer
Police Force Hamburg 1946
 Police Officer Juergen Scherer
Police Force Baden-Württemberg 1991

SCHERER SECURITY was founded in 1996, by the 30 year old retired Police Officer Juergen Scherer. Mr. Scherer is the son of Karl Scherer, a retired Police Officer and businessman, and his wife Ingrid Scherer, a businesswoman. All are living in Schonach / the Black Forest, Germany.
For a detailed explanation of the extensive security program of SCHERER SECURITY, please see Services Rendered.
The basis for this extensive and responsible occupation was warranted because of Mr. Scherer’s earlier career path, his private and family environment and his dedicated character.
These were the results of an orderly family relationship as well as a conservative and achievement orientated upbringing.
After the completion of his diploma, Mr. Scherer continued to study and successfully graduated in business. As a businessman, he was able to gain the necessary experience in this field.
Subsequently, Mr. Scherer was accepted to the police academy of Baden-Wuertemberg, where he trained for several years and completed his degree. He served as a police officer in many different areas of police work.
His experience and accomplishments were the foundation necessary for the founding of a reliable and professional security service.
Combined with the will to be independent and the acquired skills, Mr. Scherer then established SCHERER SECURITY. This was due to his desire to work independently and the want to put his many years of acquired skills to good use.
The required license for this authorized business gem. §34 of the trade regulations was issued to Mr. Juergen Scherer on June 10, 1996.

“Thus, Security suddenly had a name:”

There are a large number of “Black Sheep,” especially in the security field.

For this, there are a multitude of reasons. This is often due to cheap rates and lower wages as well as a large number of company founders who have little or no special security certifications or education. Low demands and the lack of professional standards correspond with the selection and education of the company’s personnel. Because there are no specific training requirements in this field as in other occupational sectors, there are always many people with little or none of the necessary qualifications trying to do business.
Often the founders of these companies often have a criminal background and/or are in a criminal environment. 
Of course, such unqualified individuals damage the image of the Security profession and can lead to catastrophes for the customers, which unfortunately is apparent. A large number of the applicants who seek to apply to the SCHERER-SECURITY TEAM are soundly rejected. It is not unusual that many of these rejected applicants come from or are hired by other security companies

We at SCHERER-SECURITY reserve the right, as stated in our company policy, to refuse any association with these type of companies.

At SCHERER-SECURITY, our customers are guaranteed employees who possess specific police skills and professional conduct in all areas of security service.

Please also see the Press releases under the area of Press.
Therefore, it is understandable that the standards for our employee selection is on the cutting edge. With specific selection criteria as well as a thorough examination even into the private lives of our employees, we guarantee that in addition to all the special inter-company training (detailed explanation reports please see in the area of services rendered), a professional Security Team is available to our customers.

SCHERER-SECURITY works exclusively for a selected, legitimate and upper class clientele.

Therefore our employees, although frequently asked, will not be found  in the “The Damaging Image Area” such as Bouncers at Discos, Bars, and other public establishments. In addition we do not offer any service for money or valuable transport as well as services as gateman, office, company grounds, or any other night watch.

The protection of person and life as well as material goods are exclusively the responsibility of Mr. Scherer, and will only be assigned to those who possess the appropriate competence, character and attitude.

Mr. Scherer: “Security is for us a given way of life and not, as for many, just a job!”

Proprietor: Jürgen Scherer, Polizeibeamter a.D.   Schwarzwaldstraße 1
D-78136 Schonach - Germany

Tel.: + 49 (0) 7722-91 68 25   Fax: + 49 (0) 7722-91 68 26   Mobil: + 49 (0) 172-627 57 24